Offshore Company Formation

You may find that you prefer to register your business offshore. An offshore company is any company registered in a country other than the one in which the owner or owners, business entity or individual, reside. Offshore business registration offers several unique benefits to business owners:

  • Lower tax rates. Sometimes small countries which are not rich in natural resources try to attract investment by offering low tax rates to foreign investors. These tax rates often prove to be much more affordable than the tax rates in an investor’s home country.
  • Confidentiality. Some countries have enacted secrecy laws to prevent business information from being revealed to the public. In some cases, it is illegal to release names of shareholders and banking information to the public.
  • Different regulations. In cases where government regulations in an investor’s home country prove burdensome, investors sometimes shop for a country in which the regulations are more favorable.
  • Asset protection. Transferring ownership of an asset to an offshore company can protect that asset from creditors.
  • Other investment opportunities. Investors also look offshore to find investment opportunities not available to them in their home countries.
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