Legal Documents

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Our fees vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and the amount of work required for drafting legal documents and agreements may vary from one situation to another, so in order to give you the most competetive price available, call one of our experienced representatives at 1(855)367-6669 and get a no cost estimate!

Documents available for drafting and submition include, but are not limited to:

Annual Returns:

After you form and incorporate your corporation, LLC or other legal entity it is important to protect its good standing by filing any mandatory reports with the local government and federal government if necessary.

Of Course, not all local or federal governments require a report when you first set up your company, but most require either an annual or biennial report for as long as your company exists. With My Corporate Services, creating and filing your annual reports is fast and easy. Simply answer a few questions and we can complete your report and file it with your jurisdiction.


When you make the important decision to end your company, shut it down or clean it up, you may need to dissolve it with the local or federal governments. In most cases, if the government has not already struck your company from their record, you’ll have to file what’s known as “Articles of Dissolution.” My Corporate Services Inc. will not only create the necessary paperwork, but we’ll also file the documents with all necessary parties.

Legal Forms & Paralegal Services

Many other sites will give you pre-made forms that do not keep your best interests in mind. Although we do not provide any legal advice and solely act on your direction, we can create the legal forms you need at affordable prices. At My Corporate Services, we like to work with each client and provide the highest level of customer service.

Once complete, we can refer you to an attorney for his or her professional review and your peace of mind, but only pay a fraction of the price! (Attorneys may charge a fee)

EIN Application & Approval (For United States Customers Only)

Your Federal Tax Identification Number, also known as an “Employer Identification Number” or “EIN” is the unique number the IRS assigns to your business. With My Corporate Services, each new US Company comes with the complimentary (FREE) option of filing an application for an EIN. Filing fees may apply.

Company Bylaws & Resolutions

Bylaws and Resolutions are the simple “operating rules” of your business. My Corporate Services can help you create bylaws and resolutions at any time you need them.

Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing (otherwise known, depending on the state or government, as a “Certificate of Status,” “Certificate of Existence,” or “Certificate of Fact”) provides evidence that your company is authorized to conduct business within the that state or countries and that all fees and taxes have been paid to date.


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